We Guarantee Our Work : Here's Why
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Designing and manufacturing custom battery packs is what we do at ProTechnologies. We stand behind our products, we believe in our work, and we consider ourselves professionals dedicated to our company and our industry. We don’t want you to think we’re being boastful, but we do pour our expertise and passion into every battery pack we manufacture. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our products, we offer a lifetime warranty for our workmanship. The lifetime warranty covers our customers against any defects in our assembly processes, from the most simple turnkey battery solutions to the latest smart battery technology, guaranteeing you that we stand by the quality of our workmanship!


We’re consumers, too, so we understand how a warranty can help secure our purchase and debunk any doubts. Whatever industry you represent, whether it is medical equipment, aerospace engineering, security/safety, industrial automation, or any other industry, you can rest assured that the battery pack assemblies we manufacture for you will exceed your expectations.


At ProTechnologies, we’re confident in what we do, and the lifetime warranty for our workmanship is a reflection of this confidence. Business Professor Dr. James Talaga, who teaches marketing at La Salle University, said in an article, "In some cases, firms offer lifetime warranties… Such a warranty would, of course, require that the company have a high level of confidence in their product quality." Yes, we do!


We offer this warranty to provide customers with valuable peace-of-mind and to show you how confident we are in our work and in the quality of our products. But, we’re also confident you’ll never need to use it!


Quality is important to us at ProTechnologies, and with our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and industry-leading supply chain, we guarantee quality integrity in everything we do. The lifetime warranty almost becomes a moot point. Yes, it’s there, just in case you need it. (And you can learn more about the lifetime warranty by visiting our website.) But we believe it will stand there, alone in silence, because we don’t think you’ll need it– and that’s something we’re proud about.  



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