Premium Results Are Achieved Using Premium Products
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Premium products deliver results that surpass other, ordinary brands. “Premium” is an incredibly accurate label in the world of batteries. Results achieved with premium brands far outweigh results when lower cost and technologically inferior brands are used.

As experts in battery design & operation, we know how batteries work and which ones supply power most efficiently and last the longest. We have a strong working relationship with the leading battery manufacturers such as Duracell, Panasonic, Moli Energy, FDK, K2, and Energizer. We only partner with the best to ensure the highest quality products for each of our customers. If we delivered weak batteries, it would lead to unhappy customers who couldn’t trust in our products. Because our customers believe in our products, and trust our judgment, they’re confident when we recommend the best battery for their application.

Choosing the right battery solution depends primarily on the application. For rechargeable applications we recommend Panasonic or Moli Energy batteries. Applications requiring premier Lithium ion batteries perform optimally with either brand. For another rechargeable option, Nickel-metal hydride, we rely on batteries from Panasonic, FDK, or Saft to meet the high-quality standards we expect to incorporate into our custom solutions.

We realize that high quality doesn’t come cheap. Since our customers are producing high-end goods, they need the top quality power solution to support their products. Many of the vendors we work with refer product design engineers to us for collaboration on new opportunities. By partnering with our vendors, our team receives engineering support from battery technicians who enhance our ability to provide our customers with new innovative and customized products.

Our relationship with trusted, brand name companies lets you rest easy knowing that the battery in your device is of the highest quality, and will deliver long-lasting power.



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